From the Twitter thread about the mechanical peoplemover voices

This was a voice I remember distinctly prior to the new Plane Train female voice. I totally get why they scrapped it, but hey. It’s definitely a memento of it’s time. And here’s a local news video about the new Plane Train lady voice: And don’t forget: “Por favor, mantengase alejado de las… Continue reading From the Twitter thread about the mechanical peoplemover voices

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Second time’s a charm.

So I went and redid the baking project that I goofed up a couple of days ago. Turns out, if you pay attention and follow directions you’re bound to succeed. Who knew?! At any rate, the key lime cheesecake bars that I made were pretty badass, and Cosmo had the same opinion; though apparently his… Continue reading Second time’s a charm.

Well, that was a bust.

Today’s baking project didn’t go as planned — ended up not putting in enough eggs. And I even caught myself this morning realizing I didn’t have enough condensed milk after leaving the store. Going to wash my pans and give it another go, since this recipe isn’t too terribly hard!

Current Earworm

Dua Lipa – We’re Good This song has been in my head for a week or so now; kind of feeling its message, kind of ready for it to be gone.

Current Earworm

Current earworm: Circa Survive – Stop the Motherf**king Car This song somehow entered the playlist via a random rabbithole music search. And it’s worked it’s way back in my head for the millionth time.

Current Earworm

The Cranberries – Zombie Not even sure where this came from but the “in your head” part is the line that sticks out the most whilst rattling around in my brain.

A rabbit hole.

While doing a little codering, Spotify happened to start playing this track. I realized that I’d heard the humming before, but the brain was having trouble placing where from. I had a hunch and started drilling through the ‘Where the wild things are’ whilst the brain was working it out and catching up. And then… Continue reading A rabbit hole.

Happy New Year.

Hi, all! Going to try and get into the habit of writing things more often (as well as use this space for some mini projects I’ve got going on.) I hope that y’all are doing well. Let’s keep moving along together!